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Authentic Hawaiian Food in Honolulu 

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Join Celebrity Chef Aarón Sanchez for a Unique Farm-to-Table Culinary Journey on May 25, 27 or 28, 2016

Join Food Network celebrity Chef Aarón Sanchez (“Chopped”), Chef John Mooney and Chef Noel Gregg for an exclusive culinary experience, Kakele, held at a private home in Waialua, Hawaii. Participants will spend the evening with the chefs at the scenic North Shore location, selecting locally-sourced ingredients from the garden, spending time with the chefs as they prepare the fresh farm-to-table meal and then enjoying a private dinner. The intimate dining experience is offered on May 25, May 27 and May 28, 2016.

You’re invited to the inaugural Kakele event, but space is limited. The exclusive Kakele experience is $ 400 per person, $ 700 per couple, and includes one ticket to the culinary event as well as transportation to and from the event from THE MODERN HONOLULU. Accommodations start at $ 217 per night and to complete the special Kalele package, a minimum one-night stay in THE MODERN HONOLULU is required. 

Limited tickets are available to the public for the Kakele dining experience. If you are not a guest of the hotel but would like to experience this unique culinary event, tickets are $ 500 per person, $ 800 per couple. To purchase Kakele-only tickets, or for more information, please contact THE MODERN HONOLULU Concierge at (808) 943-5858 or email concierge@themodernhonolulu.com.


Like you, THE MODERN HONOLULU values authenticity. It's a value that will serve you well when it comes to planning your personal culinary journey to discover the authentic Hawaiian food of Oahu. Ask our concierge, or any member of our staff, about their favorite places to eat in Honolulu – they'll happily share their genuine love of the islands, and Hawaiian food, from an insider's perspective.


Naturally, you'll want to taste (and take home) some Kona. Sample and purchase the coveted Hawaiian coffee inside an old sugar mill on Waialua Estate, Oahu's only coffee farm, overlooking the North Shore. Take a tour to understand how the island's climate and volcanic soil create the ideal growing conditions for Kona beans.

In the Honolulu food lexicon, signature dishes often spin Asian fusion with local produce, including fresh seafood. Celebrity chefs like Masaharu Morimoto bring the taste to Honolulu restaurants, as do farmers' markets from Waikiki to the North Shore. Several times weekly, you can shop the markets for island-cultivated indulgences and order preparations from plate lunches to mochi. For additional foodie souvenirs, THE MODERN HONOLULU recommends Tropical Farms – the fresh-roasted macadamia nuts are addictive.

When our staff directs you to the shrimp trucks, don't question. More institutional than mobile, these trucks along Oahu's North Shore channel everything they have into the shrimp. (Read: Even picnic tables are a luxury, but you won't mind when you dig into the seafood, typically served ultra-garlicky or spicy over rice.)

On the same theme, our staff may recommend the Hole-in-the-Wall food tour. As its name suggests, the tour reveals the best Hawaiian food done casually. Groupthink on the cultural melange is optional, but only after you've tasted the variety in Korean-style barbecued chicken, malasadas (Portuguese doughnuts) and a walk through Honolulu's Chinatown.

  • If you are visiting between November and February, don’t miss Waimea Bay on the North Shore where the island’s top surfers take on 30-foot waves