Custom-designed Event Menus


It applies to the uncommon level of standards and service synonymous with THE MODERN HONOLULU.

Our clients don’t embellish. (They boast, perhaps, but never embellish.)

Chef Toner personally customizes the catering menus for every event at THE MODERN HONOLULU with fresh, local, organic ingredients.

Our culinary teamcustomizes the catering menus for every event at THE MODERN HONOLULU. Our culinary approach entails a liberal use of fresh, local ingredients, and versatility across global food trends and traditions. We hand-craft fresh ingredients and let house recipes shine where bulk, ready-made ingredients won’t do. We aim to elevate Honolulu catering to your standards. First, our team meets with each client to understand your unique needs and preferences – your favorite foods and any special requests – and discuss what’s in season. Then we custom design your menu. Seafood delivered six days a week from area waters is an obvious choice. Fresh salad greens and produce from the Ho family farm on Oahu’s North Shore are also star staples, as are THE MODERN HONOLULU’s house-made specialties, from mozzarella and smoked salmon to all manner of breads and Mochi. Island microbrews and mojitos muddled with fresh mint and coconut can distinguish your event.