Mini Burger Trio

Served on pretzel rolls; smoked cheddar, applewood smoked bacon and avocado; Gorgonzola cheese, baby Swiss with wild mushrooms


Organic restaurants on Oahu: THE MODERN HONOLULU

THE MODERN HONOLULU’s Executive Chef Scott Toner is a luminary. He was a featured host chef at the inaugural Hawaii Food & Wine Festival (2011).

Today, Toner incorporates all organic ingredients, with liberal amounts of locally-sourced ingredients, at the restaurants, bars and catering services he directs at THE MODERN HONOLULU.

That fact won’t surprise you if you know anything about our property, an uncommon experience among Waikiki hotels. It is, after all, unexpected to search for sustainable, organic restaurants in Oahu and find the best tucked inside a resort.

Toner’s approach delivers seafood fresh from area waters – Hawaiian sea bass, tuna – six days a week.

He regularly procures staples like Maui gold pineapple and cherry tomatoes from the Ho family farm located nearby on Oahu’s North Shore. His kitchen uses only organic dairy, and farm-fresh brown eggs. His menus champion homegrown tastes at every turn, from the house-blend Kona coffee roasted locally by Hawaiian Coffee Company and Molokai Sweet Bread French Toast to microbrews like Maui Brewing Co.’s Coconut Porter and a mojito muddled with fresh mint and coconut. From signature salads layering greens and grains – or the inamona-flavored Island-Style Ahi Tuna Poke – to the caramelized macadamia nuts Toner suggests you drizzle atop your ice cream (house-made, natch) sundae.

Fresh, local, organic and delicious: Of all the organic restaurants in Honolulu, you’ve discovered the collection that will inspire your senses with an authentic taste of Hawaii – designed by one of the island’s culinary ambassadors. Only at THE MODERN HONOLULU.

Made In-House Each Day

There’s the common way of doing things, and there’s THE MODERN HONOLULU way of doing things. That is to say, we have a reputation for elevating expectations. For example: A chef could commit to incorporating fresh ingredients. But what happens when the chef commits so deeply to that ideal, he begins creating his own fresh ingredients? In short, you elevate local dining in Honolulu.

THE MODERN HONOLULU tempts you to taste the distinction of our fresh preparation, artisanal approach and house recipes. Here, Margherita Pizza starts with our handmade dough and finishes with our own sauce and mozzarella. We don’t begin preparing our Bruschetta by grilling baguettes – we bake the baguettes daily, from scratch. We grind the sirloin for our burgers in-house – and scratch-make the buns.  We smoke all of our salmon on property – a two-day curing process involving salt, sugar and our own blend of spices. Your day can begin with our house-recipe granola or just-baked breads – croissants, brioche – and end with our hand-crafted ice creams and sorbets in virtually any flavor you request.

Rich with organic and local ingredients (a signature of THE MODERN HONOLULU Executive Chef Scott Toner), these and other house creations taste even more memorable.

Chef Toner’s philosophy is simple, yet uncommon: Guests of THE MODERN HONOLULU deserve the best. Why buy ingredients in bulk when we can make them better? Fresher? Naturally, our commitment demands time. Passion. Skill. Yet it looks effortless – while tasting anything but – to our guests.

Not what you imagined from local dining in Oahu? Think again.