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Addiction DJ Plays BET Award Gig with Pharrell Williams


You could say that Tina VIernes entire life has been building towards this moment. On June 29, the 27 year old house DJ at Addiction, the nightclub located at THE MODERN HONOLULU, took the stage with Pharrell Williams at the BET Awards.

“I manifested this to happen, I swear,” she says, who goes by the stage name DJ Anit. “I was at a hot yoga class and couldn’t stop telling my girlfriend how much I loved the new Pharrell album. When I got out of yoga, [Addiction nightclub DJ partner] Compose called me and said it was an emergency. Someone from Pharrell’s camp wanted a demo tape in 48 hours to be his U.S. tour DJ.”

The Pharrell camp liked what they heard, but the timing didn’t seem to work out for the first date, which was onstage at Coachella.

“I thought, ‘OK, it was a really flattering experience and at least I’m on their radar.’”

Viernes has been DJing since she was 16 years old, growing up on the Leeward Coast of Oahu and attending Sacred Heart Academy for high school. She hopped to the University of San Francisco to get a degree in business management, spending a lot of time in the hip hop clubs of that city’s Mission District. Twice while there she got flown overseas—to the Philippines and SIngapore—for gigs.

Upon returning home in 2008, she set to work for several regular local gigs.  Then, one of Ian Schrager’s nightlife scouts found her, and brought her into the hotel.

Prior to the performance, Viernes admits she was nervous.  

“But it’ll be cool. I mean, there may not be time to sweat it ... It’ll be a whirlwind.”

You can hear DJ Anit spin at Addiction Nightclub regularly and check out the schedule here.