THE MODERN HONOLULU's Version of Beach Yoga

Get Your Honolulu Yoga On at our Sunset Pool

Beneath the slender palms of THE MODERN HONOLULU’s Sunset Pool, 100 tons of island sand creates one of the most memorable Honolulu yoga experiences for hotel guests and Kamaaina yogis, alike. Welcome to Oahu’s newest (and modern) beach yoga scene at THE MODERN HONOLULU’s Sunset Pool, an alluring lagoon escape where the hotel’s Waikiki marina views provide a little extra Zen during your cherished practice.

Beach Yoga at the Alluring Lagoon Pool

Oahu’s newest yoga haven is perched atop the second level of THE MODERN HONOLULU at the Sunset Pool, where shallow water showcases the cobalt glass tiles of the custom-designed pool. Chaise and hammocks are cleared out during the morning hours to make room for 8:00 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes. This new amenity is free to guests, and yoga mats are available. If you’re visiting another Waikiki resort (or you’re one of our beloved Kamaaina yogis), you’re welcome to join the class, paying the instructor’s set fee of $15. Complimentary 2-hour valet parking is available non-hotel yogis (but you are asked to please bring a mat.) Space is limited to 20 mats in this modern beach setting.

The 100 tons of sand and Waikiki’s subtle breeze provide an extra challenge to each pose, delivering all the benefits of beach yoga. The soft sand adds comforting support, while the granular surface challenges the secondary muscles in your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders. The Hawaiian morning sun serves up an invigorating dose of Vitamin D, while this modern Hawaiian retreat puts you in the right mindset. After your modern yoga experience, refuel with one of THE MODERN HONOLULU’S fresh fruit smoothies at the Sunset Pool.

Yoga begins at 8:00 a.m. at the Sunset Pool every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Space and mats are limited and first come first serve.