Best Hotels Honolulu

Luxury Hotel, Modern Design: The Best of Honolulu

Step into THE MODERN HONOLULU and you’ll immediately sense: This isn’t Waikiki as you know it. Our design story is but one element that defines THE MODERN HONOLULU as one of the best hotels in Honolulu – and certainly its most uncommon.

It’s Not the Palette You Expect; Nor the Architectural Lines

No stock furnishings or assembly-line art in sight. Every element – from what you see to the essence of Aloha that you feel – is original; authentic to or custom-designed to enhance the experience that is THE MODERN HONOLULU.

Behind the cool curves of the reception desk, color pops from Herbie Fletcher’s installation, an amalgamation of surfboards broken-in-action and signed by their riders, some of the most legendary names in the sport. Fletcher himself is a local surf hero-turned-artist.

The installation’s chromatic explosion feels larger than life, considering the context. Setting the tone for all of THE MODERN HONOLULU’s spaces, the lobby framework is at once organic and linear – yet almost exclusively dominated by white. A walk through the resort’s interiors evidences every nuance of the shade: bone, cream, greige, putty, ecru, soaped-oak.

But there are surprises. Like Fletch’s installation. Yves Klein’s blue glass tiles embellishing the Sunset Pool. Hand-painted wall coverings – black palm fronds brushed onto beige linen – leading to the spa and in the ballroom. A lounge marked by books, memorabilia and dynamic digital images – all on the subject of surfing. Swaths of greenery inside and out as leafy botanicals, orchids and bougainvillea bloom against teak, Brazilian ipe and the blue sky (follow the ficus, ferns and native autograph trees to the Sunrise Pool). Color-saturated sarongs in each guestroom and suite – each accommodation a continuation of the color study at hand.

A Private Oasis Amid a Cosmopolitan Destination

THE MODERN HONOLULU was conceived by luxury design architects George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg. Their work on the resort in Honolulu was recognized at the 2011 EnRoute Hotel Design Awards in two categories: Best Overall Interior Design and Best Lobby for 150+ Rooms. Thought-leaders in high-end hospitality design, the duo was inducted into the Interior Design magazine Hall of Fame, which recognized THE MODERN HONOLULU in its 2011 Best of the Year issue. Landscape designer Deborah Nevins, of SoHo-based Deborah Nevins & Associates, also contributed to setting this new standard for luxury hotels in Honolulu, creating THE MODERN HONOLULU as a private oasis amid a cosmopolitan destination.