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Your first stop ... direct flights to Hawaii

Plus the best time to visit the island

Aloha! And welcome to Hawaii. While your destination may look like a few specks on a map, the Hawaiian Islands draw nearly 8 million visitors a year. At the heart of this alluring paradise, the small airport just 15 minutes away from THE MODERN HONOLULU, connects the world to these six majestic islands, starting with Oahu, Hawaii's most modern Hawaiian destination.

Getting to the islands

Everyone loves a nonstop flight because it means starting the vacation earlier, and undoubtedly, Hawaiian travelers are all the more eager. The Hawaiian Islands have long been a domestic destination and an international favorite with the island of Oahu acting as the state’s pulsing hub, connecting everything to the Honolulu airport and this thriving Hawaiian city. (THE MODERN HONOLULU is conveniently the closest Waikiki hotel.)

So back to those nonstop flights to Hawaii …

American travelers can find any number of direct flights to Hawaii with visitors coming as far as the East Coast on domestic flights from Newark, Atlanta, Boston, New York and Washington, DC. In the Midwest and Southwest, airlines offer nonstop flights to Hawaii from Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Denver and Chicago. West Coast travelers enjoy direct flights from Alaska, Seattle, Portland and a number of Californian cities. (A California to Hawaiian flight is perhaps the most enviable of all trips, taking just five hours for most Californian travelers.) Alaskan and Canadians can catch their own direct flight.

Also an international destination, Hawaii offers a number of direct flights from Asia, including China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Looking for a direct flight from Australia to Hawaii? Oahu has those, too, as well as nonstop routes from neighboring islands, like Guam, Fiji, the Philippines, American Samoa and New Zealand. Morning travelers who arrive in Honolulu on overnight flights are encouraged to inquire about THE MODERN HONOLULU’s early check-in availability, offered to guests who book directly through reservations.

The best time to visit hawaii

At THE MODERN HONOLULU, every day is paradise with average temperatures hovering in the 80s all year round. Though, of course, there are some seasonal differences to consider.

Winter in Hawaii …

The islands are known for their winter trade winds, which stir up monster waves for experienced surfers, especially on the island of Oahu, where the North Shore is a favorite destination. With these trade winds come cooler temperatures and more precipitation, making winter the best time to seek out the island’s waterfalls, when their water flow is at its most impressive. At times, during the winter, the winds die down and reverse, creating “Kona” winds, which have a muggy, warming effect. Migrating humpback whales can also be seen skirting Oahu during the winter as they make their trek from Alaska to birth their young off the coast of Maui.

The other Hawaii seasons …

As the winter trade winds die down, the surf begins to settle, tropical flowers start to awaken and less precipitation falls on the islands with springtime temperatures settling into the low 80s. The summer months are usually the hottest, peaking in the 90s, while the surf hits a yearly low. By fall, the trade winds slowly pick up, ushering in slightly more precipitation and growing waves. So now that you've landed in Honolulu ...

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Travel tips:

Pack a pen. On the flight to Hawaii, travelers have a little homework to do before landing in Honolulu. To protect Hawaii’s isolated ecosystem, the state's department of agriculture requires arriving passengers to declare plants, animals and agricultural materials on its Agricultural Declaration Form, which flight attendants distribute.
average flight times to honolulu, hawaii
San Francisco 5
Los Angeles 5
Portland 5
Seattle 5.5
Alaska 6
Boise 6
Phoenix 6
Denver 7
Dallas 8
Houston 8
Chicago 8.5
Atlanta 9
Newark 10
New York 10
Washington, DC 10.5
American Samoa 6
Fiji 7
Guam 8
Japan 9
New Zealand 9
Korea 9.5
China 10.5
Australia 11
Philippines 11