Hawaiian Honeymoon

Romantic Rendezvous’ in Oahu

Hawaii is consistently a top destination for honeymooning couples. It offers the perfect recipe for an ideal first vacation together - natural beauty, relaxation and unending opportunities for romance with its white-sand beaches, stunning sunsets and secluded hideaways.  Waikiki is Oahu’s hot spot for honeymooners looking to get away while still having access to a myriad of choices for activities and entertainment.  The Modern Honolulu, right in the heart of Waikiki, is an ideal hotel for a honeymoon with its in-house Spa and Adults only pool overlooking sensational sunsets nightly.  

A Hawaiian honeymoon is not complete without sampling some of what the island has to offer, such as stealing away to a secluded beach, browsing the buffet at a gorgeous Sunday Brunch, relaxing with your partner while receiving a couples massage and of course, enjoying a romantic dinner for two while watching the sunset over the Pacific.  

Makua Beach – A Secluded Getaway for a Private Interlude
Now it would not be secluded if it were anywhere near Waikiki, so at about an hour or so away, Makua Beach will surely deliver on the desire for privacy.  Tucked away at the base of the Waianae mountains and hidden behind a grove of trees, lies a breathtaking piece of beach about a half-mile long with crystal clear waters.  For early risers, it’s not uncommon to spy a pod of Spinner dolphins offshore in the mornings.  The clear waters at Makua Beach offer on average visibility of about 30’ making for ideal snorkeling conditions, where a variety of sea life can be viewed, including the majestic sea turtle.  For a truly romantic experience, camp here overnight and bask under the stars while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves offshore.  

Brunch at Hoku’s
In Honolulu, at the far south end of Kahala Avenue lies Hoku’s, an upscale but not uppity Sunday Brunch venue favored by locals and tourists alike.  With spectacular ocean views and menu items that include everything from traditional breakfast classics to an extensive offering of seafood to satisfy any hunger type, Hoku’s has made themselves one of the preferred brunch restaurants in Honolulu.  The combination of delicious food, paired with a more intimate dining room makes for an ideal Sunday Brunch experience.  The atmosphere at Hoku’s is what sets it apart from other options on the island, chic yet unpretentious, just the right variety of menu options without overdoing it and the view, oh the view, it’s tough not to get lost in the view.  

Couple’s Massage at THE SPA at The Modern Honolulu
Weddings are amazing events but they can take their toll, with months of planning in the hopes of executing a perfect day.  A couple's massage is an ideal way to start off a honeymoon and reset your mind and body to fully appreciate this special time together.  A massage is a purposeful and intentional way to bond while relaxing and is ideal for new couples looking to share a unique type of intimate experience together.  Couple's massages are in the same room at the same time as each other, each person with their own therapist.  This shared experience also helps to alleviate any concerns for safety and comfort that first-timers might be feeling. The massage will leave the couple feeling even more affectionate for each other (if that’s possible) because the massage itself helps to release oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine in the body.  

Sunset Dinner at Hau Tree Lanai
Cap off an amazing day with an incredible meal underneath a historic Hau tree, at Hau Tree Lanai.  This award-winning restaurant offers a front-row seat to the colorful skies of the beautiful Hawaiian sunsets while dining on fantastic seafood, lamb or a variety of vegetarian dishes.  Located in Waikiki at the foot of Diamond Head, Hau Tree Lanai offers an idyllic romantic ambiance with a transcendent sunset as its backdrop.  This small and intimate restaurant is not overstated or overdone, offering guests a quiet dining experience while they toast to the beginning of the rest of a beautiful life together.