Haunted Hawaii

Legends of Ghosts, a Fire Goddess and G.I’s

Hawaii is known for many things, but ghosts is probably not one of them.  When thinking of haunted sites, one imagines an old house, a graveyard or some secluded run-down structure with a sorted history.  However, with the development of Hawaii, especially the popular island of Oahu, sacred sites, ancient burial grounds and other meaningful locations were desecrated in the name of progress.  In the wake of this destruction, a host of paranormal activity on the island has caused much more than just “chicken skin ”and these occurrences are believed to be something to be taken quite seriously, especially for the natives.  

The Night Marchers
The Night Marchers (known as huaka'i pō) are believed to be a band of ancient warriors who come out marching (a few inches above the ground) on nights with no moon. They proceed throughout the island brandishing archaic weapons while wearing helmets and cloaks ready for battle.  People say the Night Marchers can be seen and heard coming, as they march to the beat of their drums or chants.  Hawaiians will warn, that under no circumstances is anyone to make eye contact with the Night Marchers, for doing so could prove to be a deadly mistake.  Upon hearing them come, it is advised to lay prone on the ground, face down, as a sign of respect, fear and deference while they proceed past.  They follow many trails over the island but people have seen them at the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout, Ka’a’awa Valley and Kalihi Valley.  The Night Marchers are so prevalent on the island that a movie called The Night Marchers was made in 2001.  

The Choking Ghost of Waikiki
Legend tells of a ghost roaming around Oahu, especially in Waikiki terrorizing tourists and locals alike while they sleep.  People tell stories of waking in the middle of the night feeling pressure against their chests, unable to breathe.  This choking sensation is frightening and people admit that they cannot move or scream for help.  Just when they think their time has come, the ghost disappears.  Since dead men tell no tales, there is no way to know for sure if any have succumbed to the Choking Ghost, never to wake up. 

The Fire Goddess Pele
The Fire Goddess Pele is said to have been banished from Tahiti by her father and choose to settle in Hawaii.  Hawaiians believe that she travels about the island in various shape-shifted forms with one of the more popular forms being that of a woman (young or old) with long white hair.  The women, sometimes seen with a dog, likes to hitchhike.  Many believe this is Pele testing the kindness of the Hawaiian people.  Those who give her ride are fine, but woe to anyone who neglects to help the white-haired Goddess of Fire, as catastrophe surely awaits.  

The U.S.S. Arizona
The events of December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor in Oahu are burned into the consciousness of every American.  On that day, 1,177 souls perished on the U.S.S. Arizona without warning.  Today the boat rests in the same location where it sunk on that fateful morning and people believe the boat is now haunted by the restless souls of the deceased servicemen patrolling the area.  Eerie noises from voices to footsteps can be heard, but it’s a ghost named Charley that has captured the attention of many.  So well documented are his activities, that when a faucet turns on for no reason, a radio station changes or a door slams shut, it’s not uncommon to hear someone say “oh, that’s just Charley”.