Pow!Wow! Hawaii

Murals, Music and More

Each year in February, artists from around the globe descend on the now hip community of Kaka’ako in Honolulu, for the Pow!Wow! Hawaii festival.  Founded in Honolulu a decade ago, and now seen in 17 cities around the world, the festival brings murals, music and more to the communities it’s held in.  The festival itself occurs over the course of one to two weeks, where attendees have the privilege of seeing talented artists create larger than life works of art on canvases that exist on the sides of buildings.  

Described by artists as an opportunity to beautify the neighborhoods and share their culture, Pow!Wow! has quickly caught on within the art community.  Pow!Wow! is a Native American term referring to a gathering together to celebrate art, culture and music and that’s exactly what this festival is.  Here visitors will find: art, exhibitions, lectures, created community spaces, concerts and live art installations.  Over the past nine years, the festival has generated more than 330 murals in and around Kala’ako, transforming the area into a modern tourist attraction. Visitors unable to come during the actual festival can still benefit by touring this year-round outdoor art gallery via Segway tours hosted by Segway of Hawaii.  Twice daily, they lead art enthusiasts through the streets of Kala’ako on a 90-minute tour showing off the fruits of festivals past.  

During the festival itself, maps are distributed detailing where the artists can be seen creating their masterpieces.  When not painting, it’s common to find artists visiting with festival goers.  Whether during the festival itself, or any other time of the year, a visit to Kala’ako is worth the time.  Make sure to bring a camera as each and every one of these pieces of art is an Instagram worthy sight.  For those who can’t wait to visit and want to see the murals, visit the Pow!Wow! page and peruse the works of years past.