Honolulu Boat Tours & Submarine Tour  


One of the best ways to combine Honolulu’s sleek, urban life with the natural beauty of Oahu and its surrounding waters is to charter a yacht or explore Waikiki by boat tour. View caves, humpback whales and the Halona Cove from Pirates of the Caribbean on a scenic boat ride. Or charter a boat for a private encounter with a group of humpbacks as they slap their tails, play along the surface of the water or blow air through their spouts. An on-board naturalist can give you tips on how to spot the great mammals and even see them with their new calves. Or submerge yourself on a submarine or submarine scooter tour for the underwater ride of your life.

What We Love:

  • Get intimate with the ocean on a full-day sail.
  • The humpback whale escapes Alaskan winters to mate, bare their young and nurse in tropical waters.
  • Meet a shark – face to face.

Hawaii Yachts

Chadwick Michael Allenbaugh’s 75 Sunseeker Predator stars in the opening sequence of one of the latest James Bond flicks, and Allenbaugh’s Hawaii Yachts has hosted a certain spy hero four times for chartered trips that are also about creating experiences. Clients request on-boat massages, wine tastings (one of Allenbaugh’s vessels includes a wine cellar set at 54 degrees), private scuba dives, off-the-path hiking and private weddings. For royalty, Allenbaugh has hired a spearfishing expert; for American royalty, he’s built a custom deep fryer. The luxury player entertains über A-list celebrities in what Mark Twain aptly named "The loveliest fleet of islands anchored in any ocean."

Whale Watching and Shark Encounters

Choose how you want to interact with marine life – watch them through a glass-bottom boat, hang with sea turtles or listen to whales “talking” through a hydrophone. Plan a trip out at sunrise and watch the ocean come alive or toast the evening sunset and catch the nocturnal predators seek their prey. Your trip will have deeper meaning if you journey below the ocean’s surface and be joined by green turtles, stingrays, eels and sharks. And if sharks are your thing, you can take a boat to shark-infested waters, climb into a cage with glass windows and come nose to nose with a 10-foot Galapagos shark.


Submerge yourself 100 feet below the ocean surface – deeper than most scuba divers go – on an Oahu submarine tour and visit with hundreds of fish, coral formations and maybe even a White Tip Reef Shark or one of the largest sunken ships in Oahu waters. Get a glimpse of the same watery world with a ride on a self-propelled, eco-friendly electric underwater submarine scooter – it’s like riding a moped under the sea. Don a helmet that enables you to breathe underwater (so no diving experience is necessary).

  • “ If you are visiting between November and February, don’t miss Waimea Bay on the North Shore where the island’s top surfers take on 30-foot waves ”


  • Handpicked service providers are chosen to customize a voyage on Hawaii Yachts.
  • The most controlled way to observe a species in the wild is to keep the humans confined and let the animals be in their natural environment.
  • Children must be at least 3 feet tall to take a submarine boat tour.

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