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LATHER Spa at THE MODERN HONOLULU Packages + Services





MASSAGE SERIES: Buy 3, Get 1 Free / $480 ($640 value)

MASSAGE SERIES: Buy 9, Get 3 Free / $1440 ($1920 value)

FACIAL SERIES: Buy 3, Get 1 Free / $480 ($640 value)

GEL MANICURE SERIES: Buy 3, Get 1 Free / $225 ($300 value)

PEDICURE SERIES: Buy 3, Get 1 Free / $240 ($320 value)

*After the initial purchase of a series, each visit is logged and redeemed as part of your series program by spa reception. Prices do not include tax or gratuity. Series services are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be combined with any other discount. Please call LATHER Spa at 808.943.5882 or email spa@themodernhonolulu.com for more information or to purchase any of the series packages.

    MODERN MIXOLOGY: 2 Combo Treatments $165 / 4 Combo Treatments $300

    Choosing how you want to pamper yourself is always difficult. Why not indulge yourself in a completely customizable mixed plate of LATHER services. Enjoy complete head-to-toe bliss by choosing from any of these 25 minute services: body polish, back massage, LATHER facial, foot massage and scalp & hair mask. Please call LATHER Spa at 808.943.5882 or email spa@themodernhonolulu.com for more information or to purchase the Modern Mixology package.

  • Say Aloha to Aromatherapy

    At the LATHER Spa at THE MODERN HONOLULU our focus is you. Your wellness, your relaxation and your enjoyment are our goals. By combining our skin care expertise with our love of aromatherapy, and the latest in spa methods and technology, we deliver an experience that exceeds your expectations and enhances your visit.


    MODERN HARMONY: 50min / $160  80min / $210

    Indulge in our signature aromatherapy massage with a customized scented oil crafted at our essential oil Blending Bar. Choose from 15 precious oils to tailor a scent to match your taste or mood. Your personalized oil will then be combined with Japanese inspired massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi techniques and the use of warm stones, to create an unforgettable massage experience.

    Book 50 min Massage Book 80 min Massage

    DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: 50min / $155   80min / $205

    This treatment aims to go below superficial connective tissue to break up muscle and structural patterns, allowing oxygen and nutrients to flow freely. An application of Muscle Ease with Botanical Pain Relievers will soothe extra-sore muscles and alleviate tension.

    Book 50 min Massage Book 80 min Massage

    SHIATSU MASSAGE: 50min / $155   80min / $205

    From the Japanese words shi, meaning finger; and atsu, meaning pressure – this technique seeks to restore the healthy flow of energy throughout the body.
    Book 50 min Massage Book 80 min Massage

    LOMI LOMI MASSAGE: 50min / $150  80min / $200

    This therapeutic massage is inspired by ancient master healers of Hawaii. Lomi Lomi works muscles gently and deeply, with continuous flowing movements that calm the senses like ocean waves.
    Book 50 min Massage Book 80 min Massage

    SWEDISH MASSAGE: 50min / $145  80min / $195

    A classic relaxing massage, using light pressure to promote circulation.
    Book 50 min Massage Book 80 min Massage

    COUPLES INDULGENCE: 50min / $300   80min / $400

    Some experiences are better when shared. Why not experience one of our pampering massages in our tranquil dual suite? You and a friend or loved one can enjoy custom massages side-by-side.
    Book 50 min Massage Book 80 min Massage

    MODERN MOM: 50min / $155  80min / $205

    Let us baby you before the real babying begins. This massage is designed to pamper pregnant women by easing areas of stress, strain and fluid retention.

    Book 50 min Massage Book 80 min Massage

    FOOT SPA: 50min / $145

    Treat your feet to a lavish experience designed to soothe, soften and increase circulation. Includes invigorating foaming foot scrub, hydrating mask, and therapeutic massage.

    Book 50-minute Foot Spa


    LATHER Spa now features in-room massage services available to guests after the spa has closed. Available between 7pm and 11pm, this service can be arranged by contacting the spa directly during operating hours or the front desk after hours. There is an additional $50 charge for the in-room massage.


    Additions to further enhance your massage experience.

    Modern CUPPING ADD-ON: 15min / $25

    Modern Cupping is one of the oldest methods of traditional Chinese medicine. Cupping involves the use of cups applied to one’s back in a series of positions in order to produce suction. The vacuum works by opening up skin pores, which helps stimulate the flow of blood, balances and realigns the flow of qi, breaks up obstructions and creates an avenue for toxins to be drawn out of the body.
    Book Modern Cupping

    BODY POLISH ADD-ON: 25min / $70

    Exfoliating the skin dramatically increases circulation, sloughs off dry, congested skin cells, and enables new, healthy skin tissue to better absorb our luxurious body oils. Choose from scrubs such as our Bamboo Lemongrass or Coconut Crème.
    Book Body Polish

    FOOT MASSAGE ADD-ON: 15min / $45

    Show the hardest working part of your body a little extra love with this abbreviated version of our therapeutic foot treatment.
    Book Foot Massage


    Feel your tension melt away as your therapist runs their fingertips along your head, neck and shoulders. Includes a treatment for the hair with an application of our detoxifying Sea Kelp & Ginseng mask or organic coconut oil.
    Book Scalp Massage


    Used in traditional Hawaiian healing, the application of warm stones heats tissue and fluids while restore a sense of balance.
    Book Hot Stone Therapy


    Detox and repair damaged skin with a cooling application of Sea Kelp & Ginseng All-Over Mask. Perfect for sunburned skin.
    Book Sea Kelp Detox


    Enjoy any Massage with Organic Coconut Oil to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.
    Book Coconut Oil Upgrade


    LATHER SKIN POLISH: 50min / $165

    Swimsuit-ready skin starts with this skin-refining, exfoliating treatment to get you glowing. Choose from scrubs such as our Bamboo Lemongrass or Coconut Crème to polish skin and leave you radiant and smooth. A luxurious scalp massage and hair mask followed by a foot massage, are extra indulgences.

    Book Treatment

    THE ORGANIC EXPERIENCE: 50min / $165   80min / $205 (includes back massage)

    Perfect for jet lag recovery, this experience uses warm coconut oil to massage the neck, shoulder and face. Then, a scalp massage and a hair mask are applied, followed by a foot scrub and foot massage to leave you refreshed and renewed.

    50-Minute Treatment 80-Minute Treatment


    EXPRESS YOURSELF: 50min / $165

    In a rush? Enjoy the best of both worlds with this package that includes an express facial and a customized back massage.

    50-Minute Treatment

    DOUBLE INDULGENCE: 1hr 40min / $305

    On the fence? Why not give the two services you have your eye on both a try: a 50-minute massage of your choice and a 50-minute LATHER Facial. The massage will relax your muscles and revitalize your body, while the facial will improve the overall look and health of your skin.

    Book Now

    ISLAND EXTRAVAGANCE: 2hrs 10min / $370

    Immerse yourself in the spirit of the islands with this three treatment treat. First, enjoy an invigorating body exfoliation followed by a 50-minute massage of your choice. Finish your experience looking fresh faced after a 50 minute LATHER Facial.

    Book Now

    TOTAL TRANQUILITY: 3hrs 40min / $490

    This ultimate indulgence includes almost four hours of blissful tranquility at the LATHER Spa. This extended escape encompasses everything offered in the Island Extravagance package, plus a manicure and pedicure to leave you feeling reinvigorated and pampered from head-to-toe.

    Book Now


    All facial services are provided by a licensed, highly experienced esthetician, using products of the highest quality, with effective natural ingredients. Exotic extracts, potent antioxidants, and rare fruits and herbs have been selected for their unique benefits, and carefully crafted into LATHER products. 

    LATHER FACIAL: 50min / $160   80min / $200

    Achieve a natural, youthful glow as our highly skilled estheticians select products tailored for your specific skin needs. Your expert esthetician will cleanse, exfoliate, steam to help with product penetration and the extraction of any impurities, and instantly boost your skin’s vitality and radiance. For an extra indulgence, book an 80 minute treatment which includes a blissful head, neck, and shoulder massage.

    Book 50-min Facial Book 80-min Facial

    ANTI-AGING FACIAL: 50min / $165   80min / $205

    This luxurious facial is an indulgence customized to meet your specific skin care needs. This treatment also incorporates a relaxing massage.
    Book 50-min Facial Book 80-min Facial

    BRIGHTENING FACIAL: 50min / $165   80min / $205

    Glow from the inside out! This deep-cleaning facial will help reduce hyper pigmentation, boost your skin’s luminosity and drastically improve your overall complexion.
    Book 50-min Treatment Book 80-min Treatment


    This treatment uses a deep hydrating serum infused with oxygen that plumps and lifts the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin with an unbelievable radiance.
    Book Treatment

    THE ULTIMATE LIFT: 75min / $240

    This unparalleled oxygen treatment will bring skin back to life without the knife. This non-invasive micro-current treatment stimulates and tones deep within the muscles to lift the entire face. The result is instantly lifted, younger-looking skin without the use of harsh chemicals or the need for painful recovery time.

    Book Facial

    LOMI FACIAL: 50min / $160

    Indulge yourself in pure relaxation. This pampering treatment will give extra attention to your facial muscles to increase oxygen flow by using flowing Lomi Lomi massage techniques combined with our luxurious organic local ingredients including passion fruit and coconut oil. This is not a typical facial, and perfect for someone who is looking for an ultimate facial massage experience.
    Book 50-min Massage


    Additions to further enhance your facial experience

    EYE ZONE: $20

    Treat and revive tired or stressed eyes. This enhancement will lessen dark circles, fight puffiness and minimize fine lines. Can be added to any facial or massage treatment.

    Book Treatment


    A bliss-inducing scalp massage is the perfect addition to any facial treatment. Includes a dose of hair therapy with an application of our detoxifying Sea Kelp & Ginseng mask or organic coconut oil.

    Book Treatment


    This remarkable serum and hyperbaric oxygen infusion targets fine lines and wrinkles around the eye and lip area, plumping the skin from within. Results are immediate and continue to develop over 24 to 48 hours.
    Book Treatment


    All services use LATHER products made from pure, natural ingredients. Our nail polishes are free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.

    LATHER MANICURE: 35min / $50

    Enjoy cuticle therapy, a fresh polish application and a relaxing hand and arm massage. And no matter what your mood, when it comes to polish color, we’ve got you covered.

    Book Now

    LUXURY MANICURE: 45min / $70

    Indulge yourself with cuticle therapy, a relaxing hand and arm massage, and a treatment of our hydrating mask to leave your hands irresistibly soft and smooth. Finish with an expert application of polish in your choice of color.
    Book Now

    MEN’S MANICURE: 30min / $45

    A great handshake is the first step to success. The treatment includes nail care, a hand and arm massage, and a buffing finish in your choice of flat, matte or high gloss.

    Book Now

    LATHER PEDICURE: 50min / $80

    Walk away from rough, tired feet with this treatment designed to leave you pedi-ready for any occasion. Enjoy a foot and lower leg exfoliation and then relax as our hydrating moisturizers are massaged into your feet and lower legs, increasing circulation and easing tension. The final step to soft, supple and sandal-ready feet is a polish application with the color of your choice.

    Book Now

    LUXURY PEDICURE: 70min / $100

    Our premium, results-oriented pedicure treatment includes a smoothing exfoliation and a relaxing massage for your feet and lower legs. A soothing, warm mask helps moisturize and soften the skin. The final touch for the toes is an expert polish application with the color of your choice.

    Book Now

    HANDS & FEET RETREAT: 1hr 20 min / $125

    A pampering, customized manicure and pedicure combo. Enjoy an exfoliating cleanse, an invigorating scrub, and a relaxing hand and foot massage. Nails are then shaped and polished to perfection in the color of your choice.

    Book Now

    Click to book a Nail Service add-on of your choice:
    Gel Polish Upgrade: $25
    Gel French: $12
    Gel Polish Removal: $20+

    Quick Mani: $40
    Quick Pedi: $50
    Glitter Upgrade: $8
    Nail Repair: $20+
    French Upgrade: $8

    Warm Stone: $20
    Added Callus Removal $25


    You’ve dealt with all the details. You’re all set with your old and new, borrowed and blue. Now it’s time to take care of you. Step away from the fray and get ready for your big day in the most luxurious way. Our special wedding packages are designed especially for the happy couple as well as their closest friends and family. We also offer special group discounts so you can share the day with your bridal party, family and friends. It’s our pleasure to make your celebration even more memorable. Contact LATHER Spa at THE MODERN HONOLULU at 808.943.5882 to reserve one of the wedding packages below or to create a custom package for your special day.

    JUST THE TWO OF US 50 MIN / $340

    Together, you’ll say, “I do.” Together, you’ll become life partners. Together, your happily ever after will begin with a shared spa experience. Relax together with a 50 minute couples massage along with a soothing add-on to enhance the experience. Each of you may choose to add on organic coconut massage oil, eye zone treatment or hot stone therapy to the massage. You’ll each be presented with a glass to champagne to toast your big day!

    Book Just the Two of Us Package


    Indulge in a 50-minute Lavender Lux Massage of your choice featuring lavender lime massage oil that will reduce tension, increase circulation and have you feeling relaxed for your big day! Our 60-minute Rejuvenating Oxygen Facial will infuse, plump and hydrate your skin – leaving you radiant and glowing, with results that continue to develop up to 48 hours after treatment. Show off that wedding ring on your on your pretty hands and kick up your heels with confidence with our 1 hour and 20 minute manicure/pedicure. Relax and enjoy your pampering bridal spa experience with a glass of champagne.

    Book The Pampered Bride Package

    GROOM'S DAY 1HR, 40MIN / $315

    All eyes may be on the bride as she walks down the aisle but her eyes will be on you. Look your best for her with an all-natural men's facial tailored for your specific skin needs and let your love shine through. Be calm, cool and collected on your big day when you relax with in a 50-minute massage of your choice featuring organic coconut oil that will increase circulation and soothe away any last minute tension. Complete your relaxing experience with a celebratory glass of champagne.

    Book the Groom's Day Package


    Relax before the big day with your closest friends and family. Choose from our array of luxury spa services and we’ll start the celebrations early with a bottle of Prosecco for your wedding party as well as a special LATHER gift for each person in your group. This special offer is available for wedding parties with at least four participants and a minimum spend of $100 per person. To create your personalized wedding party day spa experience, please enquire for details by calling LATHER Spa at 808.943.5882.

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