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September 22, 2017

DJ DiJiTAL returns to Addiction November 24 & 25th

DJ DiJiTAL puts a unique spin on Thanksgiving when he brings his unique jam to ADDICTION November 24 - 25th

Adir Tal, more popularly known as DJ/Producer DiJiTAL, has become a staple in Hollywood nightlife while continuously building his brand, spinning the best clubs and parties across the United States. Today, DJ DiJiTAL is a frequent in Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Hollywood and is now returning to ADDICTION at THE MODERN HONOLULU, November 24 – 25, 2017.

Beginning at an early age, DJ DiJiTAL started experimenting as a musician with drums, guitar, piano and bass. This love of music eventually led to his decision to pursue life as a DJ and producer, not as a career, but as a dream. What began as a hobby quickly turned into an obsession.

By age seventeen, DiJiTAL had already begun producing his own original records and remixes. In 2009, having no resources or references outside of those he went to school with, DiJiTAL packed up and moved to Hollywood. It didn’t matter, he was determined and in just three short years became one of the most elite in town, securing an exclusive residency with MUSE Nightlife Group and AV Hospitality in Hollywood.