August 28, 2017

ADDICTION welcomes SKAM Artist, Jerzy Friday, Sept 8th and Saturday, Sept 9th, 2017.

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Jerzy’s musical journey as a deejay and radio personality began through years of collecting, practicing, and honing on his musical expertise. His passion began before the days of CDs (and gasp – Ipods); back when Jerzy would hold the microphone of a Casio recorder up to a boombox to tape-record mixes. He has not looked back and has been perfecting his craft ever since.

Through his work on the radio and strong dedication to his craft, Jerzy’s recognition has developed from being “just another deejay” to a skilled turntablist. Blending genres and flipping your favorite tracks in unexpected ways has caught the attention of some of the country’s top nightlife venues such as ADDICTION.

Recently, Jerzy has taken his high energy club sound and made the successful transition into producing original music. Blending standout melodies with a Hip-Hop lean, his new sound is sure to leave an impression on the dance floor.