Rave Reviews for The Modern Honolulu Rave Reviews for The Modern Honolulu

March 20, 2016

International Travellers’ Love Affair with THE MODERN HONOLULU

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“Forget the plastic leis; Waikiki has a new hub for sophisticated travellers”

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, experienced and novice travelers love it here. Why? Well, there are a lot of adjectives we could use to describe THE MODERN HONOLULU. Words like chic, sexy, cosmopolitan and luxurious. We could also tell you that our design is like no other in Hawaii and our guests will find no other hotel experience like it. But really, wouldn't you rather hear what our guests think? We certainly do! Read on to check out some of our recent reviews by both guests and travel writers.

And our guests aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed that THE MODERN HONOLULU offers an uncommon experience.

“offbeat cool meets minimalist chic”
“the kind of place that prompts an almost giddy desire to explore further even before you've been handed your room key.”
“in a city not synonymous with tasteful understatement, this hotel is an oasis of just that.”

Forbes Travel Guide  - 4-Star Rated Hotel
“The Modern Honolulu lives up to its name: it’s modern without being trendy, it’s hip without being stuffy. This sleek hotel is perfect for the urban traveler who tends to mix business with pleasure.”
Fun fact: Forbes (formerly Mobil Travel Guide) uses 800 objective criteria and professional but anonymous inspectors are completely anonymous to evaluate a property under a 5-star rating system.

Condé Nast Traveler - Readers' Choice Awards 2015 Winner
“The service is flawless – the word “no” is never uttered by the staff – and your every need is anticipated.”
“Come nighttime, there is a club-like vibe here, and you needn’t leave the property to have an epic night out.”

International Traveller

“Forget the plastic leis; Waikiki has a new hub for sophisticated travellers”
“With a vibe that feels very Mad Men-meets-Apple-store, it’s clear from the minute you walk through its doors that The Modern makes style a priority
“Dinner be damned, because the craft cocktails here are my new favourite thing to do in Hawaii.”
“there is such a thing as a Hawaiian hipster, and they’re all at this sexy, minimalist hotel that keeps the aloha spirit classy.”
“So what’s a traveller with a penchant for design hotels, a taste for minimalism and a need for great food to do? Head to The Modern.”

Yahoo! Travel
“The entire hotel was just beautiful. The rooms are crisp white, the pool is filled with beautiful people just being beautiful, and the landscaping is full of bright green palm trees. Walking in felt like putting on a dress that fit perfectly.” 
“relaxation is paramount at The Modern Honolulu” 
“It was impossible to be in a bad mood here.”