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July 07, 2017

Whiskey Club Wednesday at The Study

Love at first Sip when you follow your heart to Whiskey Club Wednesdays at THE STUDY

Are you a Promiscuous Drinker? A person who can’t decide which is their favorite whiskey? The Study at THE MODERN HONOLULU is here to help take some of the guesswork out of your search by offering membership to Whiskey Club Wednesdays.

Become a Whiskey Club Wednesday Club Member

Whether you are a whiskey aficionado or at the commencement of your whisky affair, you’ll no doubt enjoy the opportunity to taste this hallowed spirit from a selection of 50+ whiskeys as a member of THE MODERN HONOLULU’S Whiskey Club.

To become a member of the club, simply sign up at The Study on a Wednesday and follow The Study on Instagram @thestudymodern. It’s that easy! As a club member, your goal will be to try 50+ whiskeys. And while you can only join the club on Wednesdays, you can get whiskeys checked off any day of the week.

We want your Whiskey Club Wednesday experience to be a memorable one.

The Study will stock 50+ bottles of Whiskey; an eclectic blend of American Bourbon, Rye, Canadian, Irish Scotch and Japanese whiskeys.

After trying/buying 15 whiskeys, club members will receive a whiskey glass etched with The Study logo on one side and their name on the other. This special glass will be held at The Study for your personal use.

Upon trying 50th whiskey, club members receive a Whiskey Club Wednesday shirt and have your name added to a special Whiskey Club Wednesday “Wall-of-Fame” plaque.

So lift your spirits and join us for Whiskey Club Wednesday and remember - If you’re at THE MODERN HONOLULU and your glass has whiskey in it, it doesn’t matter if it is half empty or half full.