Zak Noyle Featured Aug. 9 Study Hall Speaker at The Modern Honolulu Zak Noyle Featured Aug. 9 Study Hall Speaker at The Modern Honolulu

March 26, 2017

Hang 10 With Zak Noyle During Study Hall at THE MODERN HONOLULU - April 13, 2017

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Noyle and Several Top Oahu Surfers Will Share their Stories and Thoughts on the Upcoming Season

Big wave surf photographer Zak Noyle returns to THE MODERN HONOLULU's Study Hall, April 13, 2017.  Noyle will be joined by top surfers Mark Healey, Eli Olson, Nathan Florence and Jamie O’Brien.  In true Talk Story fashion, they will share stories on the Hawaii surf scene and season, in particular the North Shore.  

Surfing has become synonymous with the Hawaiian lifestyle and was once considered to be the unofficial national pastime of the islands. Imagine navigating ocean swells from a surfboard while also balancing camera equipment and photographing surfers in action. Those are just some of the challenges Noyle faces while doing his job. He does it so well and captures images so compelling, you can practically feel the splash.

Noyle's experiences include capturing world-renowned surfing events such as the 2009 and 2016 Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau

During this April 13 Study Hall, he’ll also share how he got his start as a professional surf photographer and where he sees himself in the years to come. 

Interested in learning more about Zak Noyle, check out our recent profile about the professional photographer Modern Live. And, don’t miss this Study Hall. It is free and open to the public.