Fresh + Local Dining

Our culinary team uses locally sourced ingredients, at the restaurants and bars they direct at THE MODERN HONOLULU.

That fact won’t surprise you if you know anything about our property, an uncommon experience among Waikiki hotels. It is, after all, unexpected to search for sustainable restaurants in Oahu and find the best tucked inside a resort.

Our approach involves delivering seafood fresh from area waters – Hawaiian sea bass, tuna – 6 days a week.

Our chefs regularly procure staples like Maui gold pineapple and cherry tomatoes from the Ho family farm located nearby on Oahu’s North Shore. Our menus champion homegrown tastes at every turn, from the house-blend Kona coffee roasted locally by Hawaiian Coffee Company and Molokai Sweet Bread French Toast to microbrews like Maui Brewing Co.’s Coconut Porter and a mojito muddled with fresh mint and coconut. From signature salads layering greens and grains – or the inamona-flavored Island-Style Ahi Tuna Poke – to the caramelized macadamia nuts we suggest you drizzle atop your ice cream sundae.

Fresh, local and delicious: Of all the restaurants in Honolulu, you’ve discovered the collection that will inspire your senses with an authentic taste of Hawaii – only at THE MODERN HONOLULU.