An Introduction to the Mai Tai, the Spirit of Hawaii

While who invented the Mai Tai and when continues to be he said, she said, there's no denying that the Mai Tai has become the spirit of Hawaii. Since the Mai Tai's rise to fame as the most iconic tiki cocktail in the 50s and 60s, Trader Vic and Don the Beachcomber's original Mai Tai recipes have been staples for islanders. In 2010, local mixologist Christian Self created a new take on the classic for our guests, the Deconstructed Mai Tai. Mixing Pyrat XO Rum with housemade French almond syrup and topped with a specialty Mai Tai rum float and fresh mint, the award-winning Deconstructed Mai Tai put us on the map. Tai one on at THE MODERN HONOLULU this June, a toast to International Mai Tai Day.

MODERN Mai Tai Tastings

JUNE 16 AND 23 4-6 P.M.
JUNE 30 10 A.M-12 P.M.

Stop by the poolside pop-up bar at THE GROVE Restaurant + Bar to taste different Mai Tais featuring Koloa Rum. During this time guests can also enjoy our Kauai Mai Tai for just $10 (originally $14), a mix of Koloa Gold Rum, guava juice, and orgeat syrup topped with a dark rum float.

MODERN Mai Tai Pool Party

JUNE 30 12-5 P.M.

For International Mai Tai Day, we'll be mixing our signature Mai Tais as well as new takes on the classic tiki cocktail. Hang by our Sunset Pool, enjoy delicious food specials, listen to live music, dance to the DJ, or just drink in the scene.

Learn more about our special guest bartender, Jen Ackrill:
Creating cocktail programs for over 20 years, Jen speaks mixology. Passionate about her craft, Jen worked in San Francisco and traveled throughout Europe to further expand her knowledge, finally relocating to Honolulu in August 2014 to spearhead the beverage program for the Top of Waikiki. Taking cues from Hawaii's rich history and local fresh ingredients, Jen seeks to create thoughtful menus for our local family as well as Honolulu's many travelers to keep them both returning to Waikiki Beach.

Looking to upgrade your view? Hotel guests can reserve a daybed by our Sunset or Sunrise Pool.

Sponsored by Koloa Rum and Young's Market, MODERN Mai Tai events are free and open to the public ages 21 and older.