Yoga - Poses emPower

THE MODERN HONOLULU maintains close knit relationships with select personalities throughout the Hawaii community. One of them is Power Yoga Hawaii – one of the top studios in Honolulu – whose owners recently held a day-long yoga event at THE MODERN HONOLULU's Sunset Pool. The goal was to raise awareness for good mental health, donating all proceeds to a local charity.

Here we get a glimpse into the final session of the day, with Power Yoga Hawaii founder and owner Dorian Wright. His background in music production, his incredibly long history with the practice of yoga and his aims to better the community make him a wonderful fit for an event partner at THE MODERN HONOLULU.

  • He may have been raised by rock royalty, but yoga instructor Dorian Wright is all about the mental clarity that yoga practice has enabled within his life. Son of “Dreamweaver” hit songwriter/singer Gary Wright, the now 40-year old Dorian was able to travel with his father and members of the Beatles to India for yoga practice. He was 6 years old. Here, more than 60 beautiful and toned yoga enthusiasts gathered at dusk at The Modern Honolulu’s Sunset Pool for a special event benefitting Mental Health America.

  • Having grown up tickling the ivories at the home of a Beatle, meditating in India before he was 10 and backstage with Pink Floyd when he was 14, left an indelible mark on Wright’s spirit. His foray into the music business was considered a success; but it wasn’t until he tapped into his archive of music knowledge for use during yoga classes in Honolulu that he felt he was hitting stride. Here, a local DJ spins at The Modern Honolulu while Wright transitions participants from one challenging pose to the next.

  • Wright studied the Power Yoga method with its creator, Bryan Kest, in Los Angeles. This practice of yoga ties to the 8,000 year old roots of the practice, as well as to Yogananda, the first Indian yogi to travel West to America and spread his message in the early 20th century. Wright translates this messaging into his practice, as pictured here at The Modern Honolulu hotel.

  • The Modern Honolulu’s Sunset pool provided the perfect backdrop and ambiance for Wright’s daylong event, entitled “Poses emPower”, which raised money for Mental Health America Hawaii. Both Wright and his wife and business partner, Lehua Wright, have been touched by mental health issues within their immediate families.

  • “There are a number of rock and roll songs from the 60s and 70s that are based off yoga teachings,” attests Wright. “Not a lot of people know it. But yoga is 99 percent a meditative practice. It’s only in America where we’ve turned it into 99 percent a near competitive, physical regimen. It says a lot about our culture. Tonight, we get back to stilling the mind and spirit,” he adds, preparing for his final class following this special daylong event at The Modern Honolulu.

  • Wright has been coming to Hawaii (from his native Los Angeles) since he was a child. His father, singer/songwriter Gary Wright, was very close with many of the ‘60s and ‘70s rock stars, many of whom had homes on Kauai and Maui. “To be here at The Modern Hotel, teaching this meditative but challenging style of yoga, it’s almost like a homecoming of sorts for me,” Wright shares.