Oceanfront Hotel

THE MODERN HONOLULU, a Waikiki Marina Hotel

Stunning Oceanfront Amenities

From powdery sand to lagoon views, from surf lessons to marina fun, THE MODERN HONOLULU offers up a tidal wave of oceanfront amenities in this Oahu South Shore destination. A Waikiki marina resort, THE MODERN HONOLULU overlooks the stunning Ala Wai harbor for the most convenient of ocean excursions. South of the marina, the Holomoana walkway connects THE MODERN HONOLULU Sunrise Pool to Duke’s Lagoon, Duke Kahanamoku Beach and the ever-popular Waikiki Beach.

Oceanfront Hotel

Waikiki Marina Views

In the evening, when the sun dips below the Pacific, guests are treated to some of the most breathtaking views as this Waikiki marina turns into a silhouette of masts, sails and hulls. For those dining on our outdoor patio, these commanding views create a memorable experience, while a Friday night firework show amps up marina views with an explosion of color.

Come morning, the marina re-awakens as adventure seekers at THE MODERN HONOLULU set off for the convenience of Ala Wai, where more than 700 vessels can moor in the state’s largest yacht harbor. For the hotel’s water adventures, THE MODERN HONOLULU partners with a number of expert guides for on-the-water fun, including whale watching, scuba trips, sunset sails and more.

The Ala Wai harbor, itself, has served as the backdrop for many TV shows, including a scene from Gilligan’s Island when the Minnow left port for “a three-hour tour.” Even music legend Elvis Presley filmed his Hawaii movie, Girls, Girls, Girls, at the Waikiki marina, making this the location a star-studded, ship-sailing scene.

One of the Best Beaches in the World

After a leisurely stroll down the Holomoana walkway, guests at THE MODERN HONOLULU can sink their toes into the silky sand of Duke Kahanamoku Beach, arriving at Duke’s Lagoon on first approach. (Both the beach and the lagoon are named after Hawaii water legend Duke Kahanamoku.)

Underground springs feed the shallow, turquoise waters of this five-acre, salt-water lagoon. Separating the lagoon from the ocean, a swath of sand stretches around the lagoon toward a picturesque boardwalk and Kahanamoku Beach, which the world-renowned Dr. Beach rated the  No. 1 “Best Beach in America.”

Stephen “Dr. Beach” Leatherman, a coastal ecologist, uses a host of factors, including beach access, crowd size, sand conditions and water cleanliness, to create his renowned list of top beaches. Leatherman described Duke Kahanamoku Beach as South Shore’s “widest beach … far from the large crowds.” An offshore coral reef protects the beach, making it even more pristine — an idyllic location to take advantage of THE MODERN HONOLULU’s beach setup.

Waikiki Beach and Surf lessons

THE MODERN HONOLULU beach vacation experience doesn’t end at Duke Kahanamoku Beach. The South Shore stretches farther south as Duke Kahanamoku Beach seamlessly blends into one of Oahu’s hottest beach scenes — Waikiki Beach.

Two of Oahu’s best surf breaks are home to Waikiki Beach. Here, the waves break gently, making it the perfect place to catch a surf lesson from the area’s most seasoned surfers. THE MODERN HONOLULU concierge can point guests to the hotel’s preferred surf schools for a hang-ten experience.

For something more relaxing, try your hand at stand up paddleboarding, a Waikiki favorite. For underwater discoveries, break out the snorkel and fins for some South Shore exploration. Simply want to relax? There’s plenty of sugary sand to go around with Leahi (Diamond Head) serving as the ultimate Waikiki backdrop.