Every Wednesday The Study Presents
Whiskey Club Wednesday

It’s love at first sip when you follow your heart to Whiskey Club Wednesday at THE STUDY. A person who can’t decide which is their favorite whiskey? THE STUDY at THE MODERN HONOLULU is here to help take some of the guesswork out of your search by offering membership to Whiskey Club Wednesdays. Whether you’re a whiskey aficionado or at the commencement of your whiskey affair, you’ll no doubt enjoy the opportunity to taste this hallowed spirit from our selection of over 50 different varieties including American bourbon, rye, Canadian, Irish Scotch and Japanese whiskeys.

To become a member of the club, simply sign up at THE STUDY on a Wednesday. It’s that easy! As a club member, your goal will be to try 50 of our whiskeys. Every Wednesday we’ll feature several different whiskeys with special pricing.

  • After trying 15 different whiskeys, club members will receive a customized glass with THE STUDY logo and their named etched on the side that can be kept at THE STUDY for their exclusive use.
  • Upon trying 50 whiskeys, five of which must be top tier, club members will receive a Whiskey Club Wednesday shirt and their name will be added to our wall-of-fame plaque.

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