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The SHOP is a carefully curated gift shop filled with hard-to-find, best in class apparel, accessories, and décor, that is sure to inspire and delight. From swimwear to jewelry to handbags and more, The SHOP has a great selection to choose from.  

Some of the local product designers found in The SHOP include:

ILA Swim

ILA, which means “island” in French, represents not only the love of nature, surf, and sea, but also the identity of the founder herself, Avian.  In 2017 ILA was established as a swimwear and lifestyle brand inspired by Hawaii’s boundless beauty.  Avian’s designs are as empowering and elegant as they are playful and lighthearted.  The collection has grown to include swimwear, yoga/sportswear, and clothing for all people who enjoy life.


Jewelry by Justine is a Honolulu based jewelry designer from the island of Oahu who has been making jewelry since 1999. She started off at Bead, located in Kaimuki, in sales and as an instructor has taught several students her craft. She now makes her own jewelry full time using 14k gold-filled, sterling silver, Tahitian pearls, ethnic beads, fossilized shark-teeth and semiprecious stones from all over the world. Her style is ever-changing and ranges from ethnic bohemian chic to classic and elegant. Jewelry by Justine is known for mixing natural elements like a fossilized shark tooth and pairing it with a delicate gold-filled chain making something tribal look even sleeker. Justine hopes to adorn every neck and share her obsession for jewelry with the world!


Marina & Co is a casual chic and everyday feminine clothing line from the corner of the hustle and bustle: Waikiki. Our roots inspire our collections of free-form fitting clothing that is beautiful but most importantly, comfortable! The 2019 collection ignites an inner yearning to explore lands unknown. Starting from our homeland of Oahu, we delve deep into the history and culture of past lives and past fashions. Inspired by the 1930s, the beauty of Hawaii’s natural flora, and the independent modern woman of the current era, Marina & Co. sticks to its roots in simplicity and comfort. 

ALOHA Collection

Made of a special technical material, ALOHA Collection is a line of splash-proof travel bags created by surfer/private flight attendant Rachael Leina'ala, and Kauai native Heather Aiu, to stow their damp stuff in-style while traveling from beach to bar, pool to plane, and boat to dock. Founded in Cardiff-by-the-Sea California, ALOHA Collection was born out of a love of adventure, travel, and the ocean.  ALOHA Collection's mission is to support active lifestyles and to spread ALOHA around the world. ALOHA Collection donates 5% of profits annually to a Hawaii conservation organization to help protect the natural beauty of Hawaii.

PREEN+Co was founded in Sunset Beach Oahu, Hawaii, with a passion for providing contemporary resort bags.  PREEN+Co’s hybrid of premium endurance fabrics mixed with feminine resort-style are designed to sustain a tropical climate and an active lifestyle.  The curated collection of statement colors and bold silhouettes ensures that the accessories will quickly become an integral part of your everyday wardrobe. Whether you are shopping in the city, traveling, or just hitting the beach, PREEN+Co’s products are designed for it all. They are lightweight, delicate, machine washable and customarily vegan-friendly.